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What's next

Ohh! So you say you are ready to go outside the gym and onto the real Holochain adventure?

Very well...

We have a community of very passionate Holochain developers that can help you along your way!

We have an open "Dev.HC" discord server! You can join it here:


We are also gathering in a weekly fashion in "Holochain in Action". You can begin by watching the videos of past calls:


And you can apply to join the weekly meetings here:


It would be lovely to have you, an already Gym trained Holochain developer, join our weekly calls.

We are also creating open source modules here:


If any of those catches your attention, don't hesitate to open an issue, or contact us about it! In the near future we'll organize it to have visibility into good first issues.

That's all from our side, we hope to talk to you soon!