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Welcome to our gym!

We love that you decided to work on your holochain skills. This is the right place to train yourself to become a holochain developer.

In our gym you will find interactive simulations, working example code and hands-on exercises. On the left, you have a list of exercises, ordered from easy to hard.

First stop: Concepts

Work through the simulations in the Concepts section, so you understand the main ideas underpinning every holochain app.

Next up: Requirements

  • Make sure your setup is correct.
  • Take the anatomy lesson to understand the file and folder structure of an exercise.

This will give you time to get used to the Rust syntax and see some HDK functions in action.


You can hit the gym and start your first exercise.

Practice, rest, eat healthy and repeat.
Good luck!

Notice that this site is in its early stages and under heavy construction. More exercises will be added progressively, existing exercises might break. All feedback and contributions are welcome. Just ping us in the holochain forum!

The holochain-gym is a project from the holochain community for the holochain community. It is not part of the official documentation, though we seek to be as correct as possible and align our content as much as possible with the official holochain documentation.